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Excel Learning On Steroids

Learning Excel is probably easier than you think, but it does require some practice. In this course, you'll get access to a series of over 60 specific video examples of using Excel effectively. This isn't a 500 page book that gathers dust on the shelf because it is too complicated and boring. These videos cover specific topics. View only the ones you need or watch the whole series. With lifetime access you can watch them as often as you need.

The course has 13 Units covering everything you need to know to unleach the power of Excel. There are 2 Units that cover the basics and contain everything you need to know to get going including Worksheet views, Worksheet splits and freezing panes, entering data including text entry, text wrapping and alignment. You also will learn how to name fields to speed entry and make your formulas easier to deal with.

We then move on to the advance topics that make Excel the powerful analytical tool that it is. We start by covering Tables and the powerful sorting and filtering options that allows you, with a few clicks of the mouse, to extract the data you need from small or huge lists! 

We cover Formatting tips that will bring your spreadsheets to Life! We include how to select fonts, using text formatting and alignment, formatting numbers in a professional way, and using Borders and Colors and Shading to highlight what You want your users to see.

Next up is Using Styles and Themes to quickly make your spreadsheets look professional without having to hire a Graphics Designer! 

The real power of Excel is in the Functions. We explore how functions can be not only mathematical, but logical. We also look at how flexible functions can be by using Absolute and Relevant Ranges. Once you understand how to use Functions, you can use any of the 100s of powerful ones available, from mathematical, to scientific, and many financial tools. We also include a special section on using Dates and Time functions and another on the power of Lookups.

One of the most under utilized tools of Excel is the power to manipulate text. Tools like Concatenate, which combines text from different columns, the powerful Text-to-Column function which can break up imported text into useful columns, and other tools to format text.

You can effectively use Charts and Graphs to highlight your data in a very visual and useful way. We cover how to quickly design the most effective charts and graphs to present your data. We also show the flexibility to design your own points of emphasis by using Drawings

If you really want to be an Excel Whiz, you will definitely want to take the time to go through the section on Pivot Tables. Pivot Tables allow you to quickly take large amounts of data and design your own report in minutes. It sounds complicated, but once you see how easy and flexible Pivot Table design is, you will be putting out great content that used to take Computer Programmers weeks to design and be very limited in its flexibility. 

Finally we cover a bunch of Useful Tips and Tricks that will enable You to stand out from the crowd!

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Excel for Business

  • How to transform your skills from basic (or non-existant) to advanced by watching the demonstration videos that use actual data.
  • How to format your data into actractive and useful spreadsheets.
  • How to use the tools to analyze data quickly and powerfully.
  • How to create the most perfect and powerful charts and graphs to get your point across effectively.
  • How to link your data or charts from Excel to other products such as Microsoft Word to make powerful documents.

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